Dropbox Transfer
Image credit: Twist Article

If you work in the corporate environment or are a student, you’d know how invaluable file sharing services have become – the likes of Google Drive, WeTransfer, and the new Firefox Send have made sending documents and co-working on them a breeze.

Now, one of the pioneers of this is Dropbox – its been the go-to option for folks for a long time now, allowing users to upload large files and sharing them with their peers. The problem here is that it’s the same one document everyone views – any changes, including removal, will affect what your peers see.

Dropbox Transfer fixes this by sending over a copy of your document, letting them download their own copy; this means you can amend away from your end without worrying about your peers.

With this, you can send a total of 100GB of files in a single process, which is a mighty lot – but according to Engadget, there’s no word on what type of account has access to the 100GB file transfer. It’s possible that free accounts will have less.

Another neat feature of Dropbox Transfer is delivery confirmation; it simply lets you know if your files have reached their intended users. Dropbox Transfer is currently available as a private beta, but you can join the beta wishlist here if you want to get a feel of the new service.