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It’s been a good year for Apple, for the most part – the introduction of the 2019 iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets have been a success; while the announcements of upcoming products like the Mac Pro as well as iOS 13 and iPad OS updates during the WWDC conference got people around the world talking.

The next in line to be expected from the American company would be the iPhone – but reports suggest that two other devices are set to see the light of day before any smartphone from Apple. According to BGR, we can expect to see a new MacBook Pro and iPad (the regular one), hit the market sometime this October.

New 16-inch MacBook Pro and 10.2-inch iPad reported to be announced this October 1

Considering the new iPhone is expected to come this November, fans can remedy some of the excitement with what’s to come this Fall.

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The new MacBook Pro in question is said to be a 16-inch variant – the current sports a smaller 13-inch or 15-inch display. It is also expect to come with a Touch Bar like the current gen version, but with more space on the chassis, we could see a thicker and longer panel, which should add to productivity.

New 16-inch MacBook Pro and 10.2-inch iPad reported to be announced this October 2

Moving on, after refreshing the iPad Mini and the iPad Air, some may have thought that Apple would be doing away with the regular iPad. But the report says that a 10.2-inch version of the device is slated to arrive too – just 0.3-inches shy of the iPad Air.

The tablet is also reported to be in mass production this month, so it’s exciting times ahead if you’ve been eyeing a new Apple device.


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