Image credit: OnLeaks

The upcoming Google Pixel 4 got people talking about its square camera module – it began with render leaks which were later confirmed by Google themselves to be true.

Given the accuracy of the leak, new reports of how the front may look like bears a lot of significance now – according to Endagdget, the new Google Pixel 4 is touted to come with no notches or pop-up mechanisms, but rather two lenses and a sensor and the earpiece placed on a sizeable bezel.

We reckon the square camera module at the back actually takes up a significant amount of space internally and a pop selfie camera would interfere with the layout – hence what we see in these renders.

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Engadget also points out that there looks to be an absence of any physical fingerprint sensor, leading to suggestions that the Pixel 4 could come with an in-screen fingerprint reader – as most flagships do today.

There are currently no specifications for the selfie lenses yet, but with phone expected to be released this October, it isn’t that long until we know what Google’s new hero device will really look like.


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