If you’ve been hooked on social media, you’d know that the three of the largest social networks have been down last night — Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Luckily for us, the issues have been resolved.

While the sites were down last night, users reported problems in uploading/sending pictures, videos and files on Instagram, Messenger and also Facebook. Some also couldn’t see stories others posted on Instagram or save photos in Messenger causing lots of frustration.

Despite the social media platforms apologising and announcing that they’re aware that some users are affected, it appears as if everyone was affected —  or at least a majority of them. Users all over the world have been affected including Europe, South America, Japan and even Malaysia.

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Thankfully after more than 10 hours, the issues have been fixed and all three sites are back on top. That being said, none of them really explained what caused the sudden downtime.

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