One thing Apple users love about its ecosystem is AirDrop — the ability to share almost anything to other Apple users seamlessly and easily. While Apple recently made swipe-typing available on iOS 13, Google is reported to be bringing an AirDrop-like feature called Fast Share.

According to 9to5Google, Fast Share will let you share files to Android devices, Chromebooks, iPhones and even smartwatches. You just need to turn it on — requiring you to turn on your Bluetooth and Location — and you’ll be able to start sharing files and whatnot to nearby devices.

Fast Share
Image credit: 9to5Google

There’s also a preferred visibility function that allows other’s devices to detect your device when you’re nearby, and you’ll of course get the option to accept or decline files sent by others. For now, the closest you can get to this is Files by Google, but you’ll have to download the app from Google Play Store.

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Fast Share is said to be tied to Google Play services, so it does make us wonder if Android devices without Google Play will be getting this feature. Nonetheless, Android users will be rejoiced to see this feature in the future, especially if it’ll be able to share files and links to iOS devices too.


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