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Oh boy, here we go again – it’s the Steam Summer Sale folks, time to whip out your wallets; or should you?

This year’s sale is slightly different, where instead of just encouraging you to buy, Valve is encouraging you to play – play the games that you already own, the ones that you bought during the last sale because “it’s only RM5 but didn’t actually get around to playing it because PUBG is life”.

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The theme for this year’s sale is Steam Grand Prix, where the community pick a faction – Pig, Hare, Cockatiel, Tortoise and Corgi – that they will represent in a race. Every user has to play any game in their library to contribute points to their faction, the one with the highest points lead the race, which currently Corgi does, by a long mile. We’re not surprised; if Cat was part of this, we’d see a more even contest, and what in the world is a Cockatiel?!

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So why the race?  Everyday, the top 600 contributors to the top three factions will receive the top game on their wishlist – just like that. The sale ends July 7, and a total of 1,000 contributors to the winning team will also get the top three titles in their wishlist; the second placed team will get two games, while the third will get one game.

Of course, there are millions of players currently participating in the race, meaning your chances of winning are slim; but we reckon you should give it a shot anyways. At the very least, you finally have a reason to play that game you’ve neglecting until now.

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