I’ve just gotten the Samsung Galaxy A30. What is it like? Well, I’m about to find out.

Today’s a weekday — that means work. But that’s the great thing about working at a tech company, I get to spend my time messing with the phone. After I’m done charging it and setting it up, the first thing I was greeted by is its stunning display.

Check out how I spend my whole day with the Samsung Galaxy A30… 1

With a 6.4-inch display, what’s not to love? Being me, I had to test it out with a bit of Gossip Girl on Netflix. It’s just a few minutes of “me time”, but I’m loving the display. Vibrant colors, awesome contrast, great brightness range — it’s a home run when it comes to the Galaxy A30’s Super AMOLED display.

Check out how I spend my whole day with the Samsung Galaxy A30… 2

Oh well, it’s time to get to work, but let me just talk about the cameras for a bit. There’s nothing much to capture in the office, but I could still test out its 16MP front camera. Unless you’re in backlight conditions, the Galaxy A30 works really well for a midrange phone — the details are retained, and it even has beauty effects to smoothen my skin for an Insta-worthy selfie. I love taking selfies, especially with friends because it captures all the precious moments that we’ve had together. Brb, gonna upload this picture on my Instagram.

So, a bit of “work” here and a little bit of mucking around there, it’s now after work hours, which can only mean one thing — time to relax. Great views are meant to be shared, which is why I’m sharing this beautiful view I’ve taken with the Galaxy A30 using its 16MP + 5MP ultra-wide dual rear camera. I’ve also got a perfect picture of my favorite dessert. It’s time to make everyone on Facebook drool over these pictures.

After dessert, I did some shopping at KLCC. Since I’m already here, I’m not going to miss out the gorgeous sight of the PETRONAS Twin Tower. The sight is still as magnificent as ever, despite the crazy number of tourists and locals here. I didn’t have to walk very far because the ultra-wide lens can capture the building in all its glory, and I love that most of the details are still retained as many phones fail to perform during nighttime.

Check out how I spend my whole day with the Samsung Galaxy A30… 9

I’m back home now and this is the remaining battery life of the Galaxy A30. I’ve still got a lot of fuel left in the tank despite bingeing on Netflix, gaming, snapping photos and checking out social media throughout the day, and I have yet to charge it yet. At this rate, the phone can probably last me till the next afternoon.

Check out how I spend my whole day with the Samsung Galaxy A30… 10

The Galaxy A30 is available in three colors – Blue, Black and White. It can be purchased at Samsung retail stores or its online site. Oh well, that’s another day well-spent with the Galaxy A30. Let’s see what else I can do with it tomorrow.

This is a sponsored advertorial by Samsung.


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