Microsoft Surface foldable
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It’s the year of the foldables – sort of; we say that because giant manufacturers are announcing their own takes on foldable smartphones and devices left and right, and at this point, they’ve lost their appeal; part in due to the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s fold (pun very much intended).

Reviewer units that the Korean company sent out had flaws that made the screen crack, and they’ve since delayed the official launch of the phone pretty much indefinitely. Recent news had also surfaced saying that Huawei are also delaying the introduction of their Mate X foldable phone; we assume because they’re learning from Samsung’s mistakes as well as the fact that they may lose out on Android soon.

Undeterred, Microsoft seems to jumping on the barren bandwagon of foldables with a foldable Microsoft Surface laptop. We say “laptop” because that’s what the Surface usually is, but this time around, it looks to be more of a tablet, one that runs on Windows 10 and can support Android Apps. How cool is that?

Microsoft rumoured to introduce foldable Surface that runs on Windows 10 and supports Android Apps 1
Image credit: Talk Android

Other rumours that have gathered say that it could be a 9-inch device that will be marketed as a productivity product, and should be arriving sometime in 2020. Meanwhile, renders suggest that the tablet/laptop/phone will look like an Apple iPad Pro – with an aluminium frame with no bezels. The device seems to fold outward, meaning the screens fold away from each other, which seems counter-intuitive for a laptop or tablet – you’d think if it folded the other way, you could type on the bottom half.

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