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While the war rages on between Huawei and the US Government, consumers who’ve purchased a Huawei device are left in limbo over the viability of their very expensive purchase.

Part of the reason for that is due to Google’s detachment from the Chinese phone makers – leading to the eventual pulling out of crucial Google Play services like Gmail, Maps, and other Google apps.

In the Philippines, retailers have promised full refunds to customers who’ve bought a Huawei smartphone should they stop to receive updates for the aforementioned Google apps, as well as when they cease to work.

Direct D, a popular Malaysian retail brand, have announced that they will be doing the same. The retailers took to Facebook to announce the move, and we have to commend them for being willing to bear the loss on sale.

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Huawei, or at least their outpost in the UK, have provided reassurance to customers on their Huawei Answers page that you’ll still be able to download and use Android Services and Google Apps like normal, even after you reset your phone. Plus, Huawei will still continue to roll out security updates for existing devices, so current users should be at ease.

As the legal battle between Huawei and the Trump Administration rage on, all we can look forward to know is the eventual introduction of Huawei’s proprietary operating system HongMeng OS; and see how well it does to replace Android.

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