Windows 10 is undergoing some serious threats from an exploit broker called SandboxEscaper and while we’re expecting a solution to come up soon, Microsoft’s partner SafeBreach just made it worse.

Not only can SandboxEscaper provide anyone with access to a Windows 10 and Server 2019 machine permissions, SafeBreach revealed that the pre-installed software on PCs are faulty and exposes users to being hacked.

Apparently, the software known as PC-Doctor Toolbox has a huge flaw that lets hackers replace harmless DLL files with malicious DLLs resulting in hackers gaining full control of users’ computers. PC-makers also gave Toolbox high-permission level access which allows the computer’s hardware and software to be modified.

Simply put, if that malicious code is inserted into your PC, hackers can just do anything they want. Even PCs like Dell, Alienware and Corsair has the PC-Doctor Toolbox pre-installed in them, so we can only hope that somehow Microsoft has a solid solution to this.


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