Vivo fast charge
Image credit: Vivo

Step aside OPPO, it looks like Vivo are about to step into the spotlight with the fastest quick charge tech in the business.

A short teaser video posted on Weibo by a Vivo product manager suggest that Vivo are working on a fast charge technology that can fully charge a 4,000mAh battery in just 13 minutes – that’s fast. The video shows a phone charging from 10 percent to 13 in 16 seconds – that’s just under one percent per second.

At the moment, OPPO sits cosy in its throne with its Super VOOC Flash Charge that outputs 50W and can charge at 3,400mAh battery in 35 minutes. If Vivo manages to push out what they’re teasing into the consumer market, Vivo may have in their hands something that blows everyone out of the competition.

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According to a report by The Star, details of the charging tech will be revealed during the Mobile World Congress convention in Shanghai, which starts on June 26.


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