Intel Performance Maximizer
Image credit: PC Perspective

Today, PC components are practically made to be pushed it its limits – we have better cooling equipment, more efficient case designs, and tougher materials too. Every PC enthusiast probably encourages overclocking to get the best performance out of your gear – but to the uninitiated, the process of boosting your CPU can be tricky; not so much of GPUs thanks to MSI Afterburner.

In comes Intel – the company has just launched Intel Performance Maximizer, a tool that gives your Intel CPU an extra boost with just a single click. Regularly, you’d have to tweak a bunch of settings in your BIOS or download programs to help with the overclocking.

Intel Performance Maximizer
Image credit: Overclock 3D

Intel says that the tool uses “hyper-intelligent automation” to individually examine your CPUs settings and overclock it to give you extra a little extra juice. The caveat, however, is that the tool only works with a handful of 9th-Gen Intel Core processors, including the Core i9-9900KF and 9900K; the Core i7-9700KF and i7-9700K, as well as the Core i5-9600KF and Core i5-9600K.

It’s unfortunate that Intel hasn’t made the tool compatible with older-Gen unlocked CPUs, but we think that feature will be added in due time. Intel Performance Maximizer is free to download here.