If you think a stylus is cool, try a stylus with and OLED touch bar panel because that seems to be Microsoft’s next move for its Surface Pen.

The patent which was recently published and originally filed back in 2017 shows a diagram that portrays the Surface Pen with a rectangular screen along its body. This screen is not just for display; it’s allegedly a touch screen that comes with different functionalities.

Patent reveals the Microsoft Surface Pen with an OLED touch bar panel 1Reports are suggesting that the Surface Pen’s touch screen will be especially useful when it comes to Adobe Photoshop, allowing users to change their brushes or stroke styles by tapping on the screen. This will increase efficiency and allow seamless drawing. Of course, we’re expecting the Surface Pen’s touch screen to accommodate for other apps and programs too — we’re just not sure what they are.

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Previous rumours also suggested the Surface Pen to come with a scroll wheel, but that’s not seen in this patent. Looks like Microsoft is ready to take their stylus to the next level, but will it be as soon as this year? We’’ll have to wait and see.


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