When iOS users get to try out the upcoming iOS 13, they’ll definitely take some time to get accustomed to it thanks to its numerous new features and upgrades. Recently, it was discovered that users will be notified before they delete an app with an active subscription.

Founder of MacStories Federico Viticci recently got notified when he tried deleting one of his app with an active subscription. His device was running on iOS 13 beta 2 and since we have never gotten any notifications when a similar situation occur, it is believed that this is one of the newer features that iOS 13 has to offer.

The alert reminds users that they still have an active subscription and it provides two options — Manage Subscription and Keep. The former allows users to cancel the subscription if they no longer wish to use the app while the latter will stop them deleting the app.

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That aside, even if users choose to delete the app on one device, they can still use the app on other devices since they still have an active subscription.


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