Many of us are familiar with Adobe, whether we’re casual users or professionals. With its range of applications, Adobe already accommodate for many, especially artists and designers. Now, Adobe is launching an app that will be available on iPad for drawing and painting named Adobe Fresco.

Previously titled as Project Gemini, Adobe Fresco will not be a replacement to the Adobe Photoshop that will be supported by iPads. The difference is that Adobe Fresco focuses on its Live Brushes that is said to resemble real-life painting when it comes to blending and mixing. It will blend seamlessly between colours especially when it comes to watercolour and oil paint brushes.

Apart from that, The Verge pointed out that Adobe Fresco will somewhat be like a combination of tools from Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch, in addition to supporting Photoshop files (.psd). You can also apply to be one of the early birds to test out Adobe Fresco.

It’ll be soon before we see creative minds showing off their works with just the iPad and the Apple Pencil.

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