When it comes to song lyrics, we all know Genius is one of the best websites out there. However, the lyrics website recently accused Google of stealing its lyrics and displaying the lyrics as their own.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Google has done so. The tech giant allegedly stole lyrics from Genius back in 2017 and recently in April. The Chief Strategy Officer Ben Gross also revealed that Genius has repeatedly present solid evidence to Google and Google needs to solve the issue.

Google allegedly stole lyrics from Genius to post on its own search engine 1

It should be impossible to know if someone is actually just stealing lyrics, but that’s not the case for Genius. The company uses a unique method of alternating between straight and curved apostrophes in their lyrics that converts into Morse code that says “Red Handed”. 

Google on the other hand told Wall Street Journal that its lyrics were taken from a third party known as LyricFind Inc and will investigate the issue to discover the truth. LyricsFind Inc in return denied the allegations that it stole Genius’ lyrics, and said that they had their own content team for the lyrics production.

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