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Everyone was excited about the Samsung Galaxy Fold a few months back, but it all turned into a huge disappointment back in April when the device turns out to be filled with major flaws. Now, even AT&T — a US carrier — has decided to cancel all the Galaxy Fold pre-orders.

When Samsung realised the glaring problem in its foldable smartphone, the company has retrieved back all the review units sent out and also delay the launch date of the Galaxy Fold. It was then reported that the launch of the Galaxy Fold will be near the end of May, but it’s now almost halfway through June and there’s still no news of it.

More pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Fold are cancelled due to prolonged setback 1
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Now, Best Buy cancelled all its customer reservations back in May when the company failed to deliver the Samsung Galaxy Fold. AT&T tried to hold on to the pre-orders for as long as they could, but even the US carrier seems to have given up hope on the Galaxy Fold for now. However, AT&T are offering a $100 promotion card to all its affected customers so that they can place another order on said phone once the release date is set.

Nobody knows how long it’ll take before Samsung’s foldable phone reappears but oh well, we’re not expecting it anytime soon.

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