HongMeng OS
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As the Trump-administered trade ban sanctions business ties between Google and Huawei, the Chinese company are set to lose out on Android – an OS that they’ve relied on to power their smartphones for the longest time. We know that Huawei’s plan b is to use their own proprietary HongMeng OS in upcoming devices, but it left people wondering if it’ll be any good.

Reports which have surface recently may have answered part of that question; according to Global Times, the new OS apparently performs 60% faster than Android systems. Huawei were reportedly testing their OS on their own devices as well as other Chinese brands like Vivo and OPPO; all results point towards a significant increase in speed when using HongMeng OS.

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It is unsure on what parameters the new OS were gauged with and what the variables of the tests were, but we’re willing to give Huawei the benefit of the doubt that this isn’t just a PR stunt to bolster the brand’s position in their current situation.

It was previously reported that Huawei had shipped out one million smartphones equipped with HongMeng OS to be tested, so it can be assumed that these tests have relation to this new insight. If this is true, Huawei, along with other Chinese brands, will eventually have less reliance on American entities and push their very own products to the mass audience; giving consumers more options down the line.


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