Image Credit: China Devices

Alright, you’re probably tired of all this talk of Huawei and how they’re going to solve their problems with HongMeng OS, but bear with us.

Huawei will attempt to steady the ship – on the smartphone side of things at least – with their own proprietary OS HongMeng OS. Recent reports say that the Chinese company have sent out 1 million devices loaded with the OS to testers, and benchmarks have apparently shown 60% improvements in speed over Android.

Image credit: Huawei Central

With that, Huawei is reportedly in the midst of trademarking the OS in a few countries – Canada, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Turkey, the Philippines and several unnamed “European Countries”.

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According to Huawei Central, the trademark suggests that the OS is made to support notebooks, smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. There’s a chance that if and when the OS hits international markets, it will be known as Ark OS (we assume it plays on the Christian redemption tale of Noah’s Ark); however, no trademark has been spotted bearing that name.

If anything, this signs the deliberate intentions of Huawei to push their OS globally, with or without access to Android. Interesting times ahead, we say.