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Razer – the game peripheral and tech company known the world over for their flashy hardware and gaming gear, have just introduced their own line of energy drinks – let that sink in.

Dubbed RESPAWN (no relation to Respawn Entertainment); the drink is made for e-sports athletes and are supposedly good for enhancing mental performance. You mean, like coffee? We get that this isn’t tech news many senses, but it’s so outrageous that we just had to write about it.

Razer's own line of sports drinks is called RESPAWN and it's made for pro gamers 1

Razer is no stranger to breaking the mould – what started as an April Fool’s joke, the Razer Toaster is now reportedly in production and will be available to purchase. What makes that toaster Razer you ask? It simply etches the squiggly logo onto your bread, so you can eat like an e-sports athlete. While you’re at it, why not drink like an e-sports athlete with RESPAWN?

The drink is only available in the US right now, but with our growing local e-sports scene, we could see it arrive to Malaysian shores too.

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