Image credit: Microsoft

We’re in the midway point of 2019 now, and that means we’re also about half a year – give or take – before the new generation of consoles are introduced by the three pillars of console gaming – Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Sony had already confirmed certain specs we should expect in the upcoming PlayStation 5, which includes an SSD, an AMD Ryzen CPU, Navi-based GPU; and it supports 4K gaming with up to 8K scaling as well as VR.

Now, reports suggest that Microsoft may follow suit by introducing a high-end Xbox codenamed Project Scarlett, for the next console generation; and it’s to be offered alongside the usual flagship console and a smaller version of that.

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The specs of Project Scarlett include a custom-designed AMD CPU that’s based on Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture. It will also apparently be utilizing GDDR6 RAM and will support 8K gaming, ray-tracing and even 120 FPS while gaming – no more “30 FPS” memes I guess.

Project Scarlett will also use an SSD for storage – so in many ways, Microsoft’s Project Scarlett mirrors the purported PlayStation 5 and both consoles are reported to be introduced next year.


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