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You may have a heard a while back of Google’s video game streaming service Google Stadia; the service is set to be available this November and there are apparently already 31 games confirmed to make an appearance on the system.

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The most notable from the list is Baldur’s Gate III – which was cancelled after its announcement back in 2002. It’s finally announced that it will be making its way to Stadia and PC. Other notable titles include the well-received Destiny 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy XV and Borderlands 3.

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Venture Beat reports that although Google Stadia is a streaming service, it’s won’t be like Netflix where all content is consumable via a monthly subscription – instead, you’ll need to buy every title you choose to play (bar the free-to-play ones, if any), on top of a subscription fee for the service.

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We also have to take into account that we need steady and speedy internet connections to stream these games seamlessly, and fast internet isn’t something many Malaysian’s can afford. The addition subscription fees on top of buying the games could put many off, since consoles and Steam on PC offers the same while costing less.

But with that said, if Google prices their subscriptions well along with regular discounts on premium titles, there’s a chance Malaysia could adopt the Stadia as its next go-to gaming service.


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