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After setting the tech world alight with their keynote presentation at WWDC 2019, Apple have both impressed and disappointed fans and developers alike with their announcements – OS updates were met with cheers, and the unveiling of the third-gen Mac Pro’s (read Mac Pro Stand) prices were met with jeers.

It’s always a roller coaster of emotions when it comes to WWDC announcements, year in, year out – and Apple are used to it; what they’re not so used to is opposition by iOS developers themselves. Reports have surfaced that two app developers have sued Apple, seeking a class-action law suit over Apple monopolising the distributing of iOS apps and games.

Apple takes a 30 percent cut from a sale, and although it is up to the developer to set the price of their own apps; the unnamed plaintiffs are miffed that Apple doesn’t allow their programs to be distributed to third-party app stores; and that the 30 percent cut is too much.

The suit contends that Apple shuts down all competition from access to the iOS, effectively making the App Store the only avenue for distribution and consumption of iOS apps; and according to ZD Net, Apple has gone on to admit that the above statement is true.

In an ideal situation, Vendors like Amazon and Microsoft could and should host their own app stores on iOS; similarly like on Android where phone manufacturers could do the same with their own stores.

No reports have been published yet as to the result of the law suit, but we reckon are too big of a powerhouse to lose; but it’s refreshing to see people challenging Apple’s authority in the market.

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