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You’ve heard of OPPO and Xiaomi’s upcoming phones with in-screen selfie cameras – they’re arguable one of the most exciting smartphone innovations this year, bringing with it a classy solution to the need for a truly bezeless display.

After showing off their new invention, Xiaomi – or more specifically senior vice-president Wang Xiang – has taken to Twitter to explain exactly how the in-screen selfie camera works, and it’s pretty cool.

According to Wang Xiang, the top portion of the display – where the camera is – is layered with a low-reflective glass that has “high transmittance”,  that when activated allows the 20MP lens to take in as much light as possible for good image quality.

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When not in use, the screen allows “light emitted from OLED” fills the gap to complete the image of the content you’re viewing – effectively concealing the camera.

Android Authority points out that with this new tech, it begs the question of image quality – the liken it to early generations of in-screen fingerprint scanners and their less-than-impressive reliability. Of course, the scanners are now better than ever, at least in time, in screen selfie cameras will get better and will be the standard for smartphones in the future.

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