There are many great updates and features coming in iOS 13, but one of it that wasn’t mentioned during the keynote is its Wi-Fi and hotspot enhancements.

According to CultofMac, iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 will let iPads connect automatically to the personal hotspot of user’s iPhone when there are no other available connections, and instead of the hotspot stopping when the iPad goes to sleep, it will instead stay connected.

iOS 13 allows the iPad to automatically connect to your iPhone’s hotspot 1

Currently in iOS 12, users have to manually connect their iPads to their iPhones’ hotspots and it disconnects when the iPads go to sleep to preserve battery life. With iOS 13, users will have to be more cautious in managing their battery life.

Apart from that, iOS 13 also upgrades its Control Center to be more functional. It is said that in the new update, users will be given a drag-down window, allowing them to choose Wi-Fi networks from the Control Center itself. This will also apply to Bluetooth, so it’s a great update compared to the current Control Center that only allows users to toggle the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on/off.

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