In the midst of introducing all the new exciting updates coming to Apple products, Apple also talked about the upcoming operating system for its Mac, macOS Catalina.

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Perhaps the most exciting feature of macOS Catalina is its Sidecar feature or its iPad app support in Mac. With Sidecar, iPad will officially be able to act as an extended display for Mac and high-precision drawing platform across supported Mac apps. This will greatly benefit creative minds that focuses on art or even editing. On the other hand, Apple introduced new APIs and tools for developers to port iPad apps over to Mac, so Mac users will finally be able to use their favourite iPad apps in their Macs. Apple also revealed three apps that are coming to Mac — Jira Cloud, Twitter and Asphalt 9 — and said that there will be more.

Image credit: Apple

In addition to increasing the security with macOS Catalina, Apple also added Voice Control to Mac so that users can control their Mac with voice alone. All Macs with T2 Security Chip will also come with an Activation Lock support and the new Find My app will help users easily track and locate their lost or stolen Mac.

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Image credit: Apple

With the announcement of macOS Catalina, it was also confirmed that iTunes will be replaced by Apple’s standalone apps — Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. For syncing, users just need their cables and perform the sync in the new entertainment apps. They can also backup or restore their device via the sidebar of Finder. Moreover, Screen Time is also coming to Mac so in the near future Mac users will also get insights on the time spent on apps and websites for better screen time management.


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