Apple’s iOS 13 is one of the announcements everyone is looking forward to at WWDC 2019 and Apple made sure its audience didn’t have to wait long as it was quickly revealed at the beginning of WWDC during the keynote speech.

iOS 13 has many improvements and upgrades, more than previous reports have led us to believe. The upgraded software is said to increase performance – 50% smaller app downloads, 60% smaller app updates and 2x faster app launch. In addition to that, the Face ID unlock will also be 30% faster.

Apple also gives us Apple fanatics what we’ve been waiting for – Dark Mode. The Dark Mode was demonstrated on an iPhone with dark layouts and themes, and Apple very smoothly slides in a feature iOS users has been missing out on – swipe to type on keyboard. It might seem like a minor upgrade, but believe me, iOS users will be eternally grateful for this feature. Music app will also be improved as iOS 13 will include time-sync lyrics.

Apple also mentioned several upgrades to Notes, Safari and Mail but more importantly, the Reminders app received major upgrades. It’s more intelligent now and can automatically detect when to remind its users if a place and time was included in the context. Apple also said that if you tag someone in the app, it will automatically remind both you and the person you tag when the time comes for you to do whatever it is you have to do.

iOS 13 also comes with enhancements when it comes to Camera and Photos. There will be new tabs that organizes your photos based on days, months or years, and it will come with advanced machine learning that will intelligently reduce clutters and help keep track of your moments. In addition, portrait lighting will be even better with the introduction of adjustment in every portrait lighting effect, and there will be a new effect called High Key Mono. Photo editing is also made easier with a new layout, where Apple users will be able to get a complete view of all their settings altogether. Can it get better? Yes, it can. iOS 13 will enable users to apply filters and various effects on their videos but more importantly, users can now rotate their videos.

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Apple also makes sure to upgrade Messages in iOS 13, where users can now share their names and photos – or even Memoji – with the other party they’re texting. Memoji becomes a lot more fun with better customization that lets you customise your makeup, teeth, hair, accessories and even wear Apple’s AirPods. In addition, iOS 13 introduces Memoji Stickers, in which users will get to use Memoji stickers instead of emojis in their messages, and it will also be supported in other apps like Mail and WeChat.

Apart from that, iOS 13 will also focus on privacy and security, introducing Sign in with Apple – a more secure alternative compared to Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google. It allows user to sign in without being tracked because they are offered the option to hide their email addresses, in which Apple will create a random address so that users’ email addresses are not compromised. Every app that require a sign in will be provided with different addresses, but all will be forwarded to user’s original email. Furthermore, location services will come with more options in iOS 13 such as allow just once, background tracking alerts and Wi-Fi & Bluetooth protections.

iOS 13 also includes enhancement to HomePod, AirPods, CarPlay and Siri. Siri will be able to immediately read incoming messages via AirPods and users can respond to those messages swiftly without needing to use their iPhones. Moreover, users can share audio with their friends with a single tap when they’re using their AirPods. CarPlay dashboard will also have an updated design for a cleaner layout with more functionality, and HomePod will support over 100,000 radio stations so you’ll get a wide variety of stations to listen to.


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