Bad news PS4 players – if you play online on your trusty console, you will have to pay more for your PlayStation Plus membership starting August this year.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that the subscription service – which you need to be play online – will get a significant price hike across Europe and Asia.

The current subscription prices are as follows, 1 month (RM21), 3 months (RM43) and 12 months (RM129); and here are the increased prices: 1 month (RM29), 3 months (RM69 – lol) and 12 months (RM159).

These bumped-up numbers are still cheaper than Xbox Live though, so maybe Sony are seeing an under-tapped resource well and are making these changes to rake in more cash.

According to Stuff, you can stack your subscription periods if you already are a subscriber, so you save yourself some bucks when the price hike is implemented. The best time to purchase your subscription is from June 7 to June 17 when the PlayStation Days of Play promos happen where subscriptions get discounted.


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