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Now here’s a game I can play now that I’m adulting — the Pokemon Company has recently introduced a new addition to their video game lineup, the “Pokemon Sleep”.

The game will use data points based on the duration of your slumber and when you awake, simply launch the game, and the accumulation of sleepy points will fuel your gameplay. According to Reuters, Nintendo did not elaborate exactly how it works.

Pokemon Sleep lets you play the game by sleeping - rewards players for resting 1
Image credit: CNBC

The game apparently taps into the fitness and fitness tracking fad by encouraging folks to be mindful of their rest. Nintendo has always been about inclusion — making games that anyone across all age groups could play — and, well, a baby could play this. Those things sleep all the time.

There’s no word on when it’ll arrive yet, but stay tuned on our website as we bring you more updates.

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