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The war wages on as Huawei hits out at the US Government for the inclusion of the Chinese company in a trade ban blacklist, which has caused Huawei to lose out on partnerships with key names like Google, Intel, Qualcomm and ARM.

Huawei chief legal officer Song Liuping said today in a press conference that the US Government’s accusations of security threat on the company are baseless, and Huawei will seek to carry out a lawsuit on the Government to challenge the “constitutionality of the US law”.

Huawei plans to overturn trade ban by filing motion against US Government for "unconstitutional" law 1
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Huawei’s qualms with the law in particular related to Section 889 of the 2019 NDAA — a law that “prohibits on certain telecommunications and video surveillence services or equipment”; and according to Huawei, this singles out the brand without a proper trial.

Song also said that American politicians are “using the strength of an entire nation to come after a single private company” during the press conference while warning that they may not be the only entity to face the wrath of the Trump administration, but other industries, companies and even consumers could one day be affected by unconstitutional legislations.

In what Huawei calls would be a “pyrrhic victory at best”, the company will take part in a hearing on the motion to overturn their ban, which is set for September 19.

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