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Game developing giants EA are known for many things – good and bad; but one cannot deny that the American company does try to innovate every now and then, with mixed results. This time around, they’ve shifted their attention to…hair physics?

EA have added new hair rendering capabilities to their impressive Frostbite engine and a video shared by the company shows off this new feature in a simple, albeit creepy manner – by fixing faceless mannequins with long luscious hair that are rendered real-time.

Individual strands of hair can be seen and everything to hair volume and length is translated into how it flips and bounce when the mannequin moves. And then cut to the mannequin doing a flying spinning kick to show off the hair in action – because why not.

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This looks even more impressive than Nvidia’s Hairworks, so obviously it’ll will take up a considerable amount of processing power. Future titles from EA are touted to come with this feature and since we’re nearing the start of the next console cycle and with the existence of ray-tracing technology, we foresee ridiculously realistic graphics to come.

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