Many have speculated that Google’s separation from Huawei may be nothing but temporary until both the Chinese Company and the US Government learn to play nice — but in the case that it is permanent, Huawei have reportedly been working on their own operating system for some time now and are ready to replace Android on a gradual basis.

Dubbed ‘HongMeng’, the in-house-built OS has reportedly been in the works since 2012 and will be Huawei’s ‘plan B’ should they be left out of the next Android update – which would be Android Q.

Huawei claims that they want to make something that will attract both users and app developers — but it will be a tall order considering both Android and iOS are doing such reliable OSs. It would be interesting to see how this whole trade ban fracas plays out — and if it goes south for Huawei, we might have a new OS on our hands.

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