UPDATE: Google has confirmed that Google Play Services will continue to work for existing Huawei device users.

In light of the trade ban imposed by the Trump administration, Huawei will lose out on Google’s Android services outside of China, forcing future Huawei phones to implement in-house operating systems as well as app patches.

With this ban, Huawei phones will stop receiving updates to services like Gmail, Maps and Google Play services in general; turning old devices and new into empty shells with outdated apps. Despite the ban, Huawei aren’t barred from using Android’s open-source components, which Huawei rely on to build their EMUI interface.

Although the reason for President Trump’s ban on Huawei aren’t completely clear, many suspect that the President had accused Huawei of “working with the Communist regime of China” to install backdoors in America’s security systems — an accusation that’s seemingly not based on any proof that’s made known to the public.

What this means for Huawei a severe loss in market share across the globe, even in Europe; With this ban, Other American companies like Qualcomm, Nvidia and Intel are barred from working with the Chinese company — meaning no potential Snapdragon chipsets in the future, Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs for Huawei’s laptops.

Reports suggest that this is not a permanent ban, but rather just Trump flexing his authority on Huawei — meanwhile legal representatives from the Chinese company are in talks with the government to work out a deal. We, for one, are hoping this isn’t long-term; but for the meantime, we’ll have to make do with Huawei devices that won’t receive Google updates.

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