While there were no huge announcements about this at Google I/O, google has been low-key developing a desktop mode for Android devices, which indicates that they’re taking this feature seriously.

It was briefly mentioned when a developer spoke about foldable, multi-display and also large screen devices, and this support will actually come in Android Q. According to Slash Gear, Samsung and HUAWEI are two companies who are already testing out desktop mode, but even then there have been many OEMs and third-party developers who attempt to create desktop mode for Android devices.

Basically, the app needs to support multi-screens for users to use it on two screens (phone and monitor screens). Moreover, multi-resume feature was discussed, stating that one app can be running while another app has focus, unless they are clashing in resource usage such as microphone and camera. To put it simply, if you’re using a camera app on one hand and trying to video call on another, only one app will work since there’s only one resource to rely on.

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In Android Q, a new API is also added to check security restrictions to allow the launch of an activity on a specific display, and there is added support for software keyboard window and wallpapers on secondary screens.


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