Acknowledging the extensive usage of Internet these days, Celcom now offers a new deal called Ultra Hour Pass for its Xpax customers to enjoy unlimited Internet usage via the Celcom Life app.

Celcom launches the Ultra Hour Pass, offering unlimited high-speed Internet for as low as RM1 1

With the Ultra Hour Pass, Xpax users can get unlimited high-speed Internet for as low as RM1 for a full hour. Those who require longer time of unlimited Internet can also opt for the RM2 option for three hours Ultra Hour Pass, RM5 for 12 hours and RM8 for a full day. 

In addition, Xpax users won’t have to worry that their existing data quota is immediately depleted when they want to watch videos or play games. Using only RM1 to purchase the Ultra Hour Pass, you can play heavy games like PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends, or even stream Netflix on HD quality without compromising your existing data.

The Ultra Hour Pass can easily be purchased via the Celcom Life app. Under the “Buy More” tab, Xpax users will see the different options of Hourly Unlimited Internet deals, which they can then choose according to their needs.

Celcom launches the Ultra Hour Pass, offering unlimited high-speed Internet for as low as RM1 2

That aside, Celcom Xpax also an updated starter pack for the price of RM10/month that offers 10GB high-speed Internet monthly for Games Walla, Facebook and Instagram. Celcom also keeps its Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass Internet plans, including free unlimited YouTube from 1am to 7am and VIP access for iFlix.


    • oke je at my place.. compare to other telco, xpax plan much more saver than others. Or maybe u can check ur signal first before subscript any plan.

      • WHAT??? we need to check the signal?? i believe that XPAX going to expand their data and make it unlimited internet, i think no need to check, their services are better than last time…

        • I have been used Xpax for several years now, and this ultra hour pass do made my life easier. I can buy whenever I needed without any commitment like other telco packages

    • Ya exactly. The plan is so flexible with RM1 for 1 hour with unlimited internet, which is so cool for students. Celcom has been my preferred prepaid plans for several years and I truly love this pass

      • same with me.. streaming videos is one of my fav thing to do.. from my experience last week, i do stream video with this pass.. i tell you it is so fast, no buffering at all..

  1. Now I’m using this plan. So far, this xpax ultra hour plan is very satisfying me. Guess what, it’s a good idea to save up my money haha

  2. Good coverage and unlimited data, just as low as RM 1, because i consent about the speed, if i choose the RM 1 the speed, can provide 1MBPS??

    • celcom has stable internet connection anywhere.. so there is no doubt that they will provide good speed for this pass.. I’ve already use this pass since last week, and i can say that my gaming experience is so smooth so far, so it is good then

    • This is an unlimited internet pass so I guess there wasn’t any unlimited calls comes together.. Maybe they will do other passes with the calls..


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