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Oh China, a nation of rich history and culture, sadly marred by adverse effects of communism; despite rapid shift towards a more progressive capitalistic ethos, remnants of its socialist past still plague how the great country is governed and how media is consumed.

Government-mandated censorship is still rife, and it has reared its ugly head again; this time the victim is the ever-popular games PUGB and PUBG: Mobile. The games, developed by PUBG Corporation, has been de-listed in China, and will be replaced by, wait for it, “Game for Peace”. The government-friendly game will be developed by Korean company Krafton, who were formerly known as Bluehole, who created PUBG; ironic.

China replaces PUBG with government-friendly Game for Peace, no blood and corpses but full of nationalism 1

Game for Peace will reportedly play exactly like PUBG except that it will lack blood and corpses, as well as references of imperial history and gambling. In a game that makes it your objective to kill all and be the last man standing; we don’t think this censorship would do much in curbing bad behavior. Tech Crunch also reports that the game will be steeped in nationalist themes with heavy emphasis on China’s air force.

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According to reports from Reuters, the two games are inherently identical as player progress and achievements from PUBG will be transferred over to Game for Peace. We’re still trying to digest the name “Game for Peace” here.


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