It’s not often we talk about car-related matters – but this one takes the cake. During the Google I/O 2019 conference this morning, Korean car manufacturing giants Hyundai announced that they will be streamlining voice command controls by enhancing Hyundai’s Blue Link with Google Assistant voice control capabilities.

Users simply need to link their vehicle with Google Assistant, and they’ll be able to utter commands to perform tasks like starting the vehicle, relay fuel information, lock the car doors and more.

Hyundai Blue Link enhanced with Google Assistant voice command features 1
Image credit: Hyundai

Drivers can also add Blue Link routines into Google Assistant – by saying “good morning” or “bed time”, Google Assistant will kickstart a series of tasks that can be configured by the user.

Previously, Blue Link requires users to physically tap on tasks within the app; now it’s as simple as saying “hi”.


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