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If you’re a Twitter user, you’ll know how popular the retweet button is, especially when we see relevant Tweets and feel the need to share it with others. Now, Twitter takes it a step further by introducing a new update — Retweet with GIF, photos and videos.

Previously on Twitter, users are only allowed to retweet Tweets with comments or without comments, meaning that texts and emojis were the limit. With the new update, you can now retweet with media which allows better expression of thoughts and opinions. Plus, it’s always fun to use GIFs.

You can now retweet on Twitter with GIFs, photos and videos! 1
Image credit: Twitter

Twitter’s product design and research team also gave a brief explanation on how they came to integrating the new update through several tests. They realised that the Twitter thread can be slightly confusing especially when both original tweet and the retweeted tweet contain images, hence they condensed the original Tweet and made sure to include an avatar in the inner Tweet for more clarification. 

Twitter also made sure to incorporate a box design around the inner Tweet to differentiate the Tweets. The team also announced that there will be another update for a better reading experience and more interaction when it comes to retweeting with media.

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