Google is out with another creative project called PoemPortraits, and it’s a web app made by Es Devlin and Ross Goodwin in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture.

With an algorithm trained with more than 20 million words in the 19th century, the project is capable of generating a unique PoemPortrait for each user, and The Verge described it as “an Instagram filter paired with a few lines of AI-generated poetry.”

To try it out, you’ll have to let the app access your device’s camera to take a selfie. You’ll also need to input a word beforehand, and your “poem” will be generated based on that word. The web app also allows you to skip the selfie-taking part, so you’ll only get texts instead of a combination of texts and your picture.

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After that, you can choose to save your portrait, redo, or even check out the collective poem. Check it out and you might just find yourself uploading your next Instagram post.


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