Image credit: Shelby Brown/CNET

While Facebook’s layout was redesigned, Instagram is also going to be getting a redesign, as announced at F8 by Facebook.

Instagram has always shown how many likes each post gets, but Facebook is about to change that. Soon, Instagram new layout will longer show the number of likes each post gets and will also show follower counts in a subtler way so that users are less competitive when it comes to using the app.

That aside, Instagram will have a better camera experience which involves adding a Create Mode in its Stories feature, allowing users to start a story with quizzes, stickers and so on without needing to upload pictures or videos. I guess this means we won’t have to spend time snapping plain surfaces or cover our cameras to get those blank canvases anymore. 

Image credit: Shelby Brown/CNET

In addition, Instagram will add donation stickers in its app, meaning that users can start their own fundraising projects via the app and others can donate to these projects. The Check Out feature — previously announced by Instagram — will also be rolling out soon, so that users can shop for products and make payments in the app itself.

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The biggest change is probably the absence of number of likes that will change how Instagram users and even businesses perceive the app, given that some businesses are always looking at the followers and like counts of an influencer before deciding to engage them to promote products and services.


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