After almost a year later, the Nokia 8110 4G has finally received an update that includes WhatsApp as part of its default apps. Previously, the ‘banana’ phone has received a large update that comes with a stripped down version of Google Assistant, Google Maps and YouTube.

Though being marketed as a feature phone, the Nokia 8110 4G runs on a Linux based operating system known as KaiOS, which is required to support its 4G connectivity and features can be expanded with apps on the KaiOS store.

Due to the operating system’s popularity in feature phones sold in India, it received a US$22 million investment from Google shortly after the Nokia 8110 4G was released, however the KaiOS Store has unfortunately taken forever to grow its app catalog, and the arrival of WhatsApp could potentially keep the momentum high for the operating system.

WhatsApp is made available in V15 of the update, which is currently rolling out globally and should be available for all devices soon.

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