You may have heard of Facebook latest blunder of uploading over one million email contacts without users’ permissions – and of course we wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for some diligent researchers who discovered the issue.

Prior to this, Facebook’s security protocols was found wanting too as login details such as usernames, emails and passwords were stored in an unsafe, unencrypted manner, which potentially led to millions of accounts being compromised.

This leads to today, it has recently been discovered that due to this slip-up, millions more Instagram accounts have been affected than what was first thought. Facebook disclosed the initial hiccup on their blog stating that millions of Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Lite users had their accounts compromised.

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In a recent update by Facebook, it is stated that they’ve found additional logs of Instagram passwords being stored in a readable format; and it is estimated that millions more users are now at risk.

Facebook has apparently been storing passwords and other personal data haphazardly for years now, and one can only hope they get their act together and start taking user data more seriously.


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