Image credit: Mark Gurman

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold have been released early for reviewers to test out – according to reports, many of their review units have begun to break.

According to Android Authority, several notable tech reviewers such as Steve Kovach, Mark Gurman and Marques Brownlee have all reported issues with the phone’s screen. Some have shattered, while some have display problems.

It turns out however, there’s a protective film that’s layered on top of the Galaxy Fold panel that you’re not supposed to peel off. The film comes with a warning that states its purpose, but reports suggest that these review units may lack the text, hence many we’re led to believe that they’re simply removable films that are meant to be peeled off.

This protective film is not a screen protector however, as once the phone is launched, you’ll need a separate screen protector to shield your panel.

Image credit: @askdes

This only happens to the phones interior display, while the exterior 4.6-inch Super AMOLED screen seems to be unaffected.

There we have it, the first signs of the fragilities of a foldable smartphones. Many have urged the public not to purchase these first-generation foldables for precisely this issue – under-developed designs.


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