Capcom just made a comeback with the announcement of its Capcom Home Arcade — an old-school console on a panel shaped like Capcom’s logo — with two sets of joystick and buttons on top, which is already available for pre-order.

The Capcom Home Arcade comes with a full size Sanwa arcade controls, and pre-loaded within the machine are 16 classic popular games, including Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Mega Man: The Power Battle and Alien vs. Predators.

To give the full experience of retro arcade machines, the Capcom Home Arcade is about 74cm wide and 22 cm long. It is WiFi enabled for users to join in worldwide leaderboards, and it comes with a MicroUSB port for power, a USB port and also a HDMI port.

You can now pre-order the Capcom Home Arcade with 16 pre-loaded games 1
Image credit: Capcom

The Capcom Home Arcade is currently available for pre-orders on its website, and its expected release date will be on October 25 this year. The machine costs €229.99, which is around RM1075.45.

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