Keep your phones close to you folks – researchers gave discovered a flaw in Samsung smartphones that allow attackers physical access to your phone and capture network traffic.

Image credit: Elliot Alderson

A Twitter user shared a thread on the site detailing how one can go about exploiting the flaw – and surprisingly, the line of steps to do it starts from the humble calculator app.

By entering a code in the calculator app, the hacker can access your device in DRParser mode and from there, they’ll be able to choose from several developer-level options like delete dumpstate, run dumpstate, media db dump, and the option in focus here is ‘tcpdump’.

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Image credit: Elliot Alderson

According to the Twitter user, tcpdump is a command-line packet analyser which can be used to capture network traffic, and even scarier record the victim’s screen for one hour.

Image credit: Elliot Alderson

With this, the hacker will know the websites you visit most frequently, and with the screen capture, they could steal personal information while you’re using the phone.

So to avoid this, be sure to update your security pins and to keep your device close to you.


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