Look alive iPad users, WhatsApp is reported to be working on a proper WhatsApp app for the Apple tablet device, meaning the iPad will get its own official WhatsApp app.

Currently, users need to log into WhatsApp Web on a browser within their iPad, and then link it to their account via their iPhone. The introduction of the dedicated app forgoes the need for this workaround.

According to a report by WhatsApp Beta Info, WhatsApp on the iPad would function like on any other device – setting up your account would require you to provide your mobile number and list of contacts; this suggests that only iPads that are cellular-enabled and must be fitted with a SIM card.

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In terms of features, the app should fare no differently except for minor UI changes to fit the iPad.

The report also claims that like WhatsApp Web, the iPad version can also enable split screen chats allowing you to chat with multiple people at one time.

The app is currently unavailable as it’s still in the process of development, but we think it’s about time the iPad – one of the most popular mobile gadgets around – gets its own dedicated WhatsApp app.


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