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It’s time to move up a notch says Qualcomm as they’ve recently announced new chipsets in the form of the Snapdragon 665, 730 and 730G.

They’re all introduced as replacements to their respective predecessors – beginning with the Snapdragon 665, Qualcomm says that its capable of putting out twice as much AI capabilities as the Snapdragon 660. The chipset consists of a Kyro 260 processor which is similar to that found in the 660 chipset, an Adreno 610 GPU which is a massive upgrade the older 512; and an X12 modem that pushes 600Mbps and 150Mbps down and up speeds. With these specs, the 665 should be able to handle gaming and heavy loads much better than its predecessor.

The Snapdragon 665 also sees improvements in the camera department as Qualcomm says that it will support 48MP photography, triple camera setups, 5x optical zoom, portrait mode with HDR+ and more. With this, you can expect future mid-ranged devices to put out near flagship-level performances in several aspects.

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Qualcomm ups the mid-range ante with new Snapdragon 665, 730 and 730G chipsets 1
Image credit: Qualcomm

Qualcomm had also given upper-mid range players a boost with the introduction of the Snapdragon 730 chipset that, in some ways, is similar to the bigger and badder Snapdragon 855 – according to Android Authority, both feature a Tensor Accelerator, Wi-Fi 6 and 192MP photography support.

The Snapdragon 730 sports Kyro 470 processors as well as an Adreno 618 GPU. For connectivity: the Snapdragon X15 chip that’s capable of 800Mbps and 150Mbps up and down speeds. Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 730G chipset is more gaming-centric with its overclocked Adreno 618 GPU.

Android Authority claims that we can expect phones sporting both chipsets to come by the end of the year.

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