In efforts to reduce the number of spammers, Twitter has decided to reduce the amount of accounts users can follow per day to 400.

Twitter previously allows its users to follow up to 1,000 accounts a day, but this has led to spammers easily following and unfollowing others. Of course, this new update will definitely be affecting spammers only, since it’s very unlikely for most users to follow so many Twitter users at once.

Even then, Twitter’s new limit still befuddles some of the Twitter users, as they expressed that 400 is still a huge number, while others suggested even smaller numbers.

Some Twitter users also believe that the new limit will also prevent certain accounts from trying to gain followers through software programs which will automatically follow a huge amount of Twitter users in hopes that they will follow back.

The new update will definitely help Twitter move towards a healthier and spam-free community, but on the other hand, users are still looking forward to an Edit button from the social media site.

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