If you’re reliant on navigation apps to get around, you’re likely a Waze user; some people prefer Google Maps, and while it’s a great tool for on-foot navigation as well as public transport route info, Waze still takes the cake for optimisation for driving.

Waze is more polished in the sense that it has more features, a subjectively easier to follow route guiding system and has funny pronunciations of local street names – which we find amusing. However, it turns out that Google are not quite ready to admit defeat as they’ll be rolling out improvements for Google Maps that’ll add a couple of features that are found on Waze.

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Image credit: Tech Nave

Google are rolling out features such as speed trap reports as well as crash reports to Google Maps making it a more holistic navigation tool. You will soon be able to mark traffic slowdowns meaning you can plan your route to avoid congested areas.

Google Maps, after all, relies on crowd-sourced data to provide information, so it’s likely that reports on Google Maps may appear too late by the time you hit the road. Regardless, this is a welcome addition to the app for those who prefer it over Waze, and we foresee more improvements in the pipeline.


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