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More concrete proof of AMD’s third generation Threadripper processors arrival has propped up recently as preliminary information of the CPU’s specs were added to AIDA64 – a system information and diagnostic tool.

A report by WCCF Tech says that the 7nm Zen 2-based high-end CPU is expected to debut by the second half of 2019 and will be a completely different beast compared to its predecessors.  The release notes found on AIDA64 detail quality-of-life improvements along with physical CPU information display for AMD Castle Peak, Rome, updated JEDEC memory module manufacturers database and more.

Image credit: AMD

A roadmap of the Ryzen family of CPUs was also posted – under the Ryzen 3000 tab details the makeup of the processor. As reports have suggested, it will be based on the Zen (2) architecture and a 7nm process. It sports max 64 HEDT cores and 128 thread counts – doubling the core and thread counts of its predecessors.

It isn’t just the Threadripper that’ll be debuting as the Epyc server processor, mainstream desktop and budget desktop processors will also be introduced in AMD’s third generation family of CPUs.


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